A huge update is coming

When I made Chess vs. GPT, it was to create a silly little gimmick site that I thought would fizzle out in a few days when the hype died down. In fact, the exact opposite has happened.

The site has seen a slowly growing number of people finding a place to play chess against ChatGPT and it's only growing more as time goes on - it's been truly humbling to witness! With that being said, it's obvious that the current site no longer meets the needs of those people who visit the site now.

I've been working on a complete overhaul to the site for about 3 weeks now, which includes a lot of exciting new features such as:

  • Match history - every player will have a full local profile that will be referenced against a database to store matches
  • Share matches - when a match is over, you will be able to generate a shareable link to send to people thanks to the new match history system
  • Achievements - did you force ChatGPT to take its own piece? Did you win in under 10 moves? There will be a number of achievements available when the new system launches, with new ones getting added periodically.
  • Analysis (..eventually) - Chess vs. GPT is inherently a chaotic game, and the only one who can fully understand it is, well, ChatGPT itself.

I expect to have this new update launched in a week or so (tentatively aiming for Friday 12th May)

It's been really fun to see the site grow and support a growing playerbase, and I want to try and make the best experience possible whilst I can for people to enjoy.

If you've enjoyed Chess vs. GPT, please do consider sharing it to your friends or even donating! Right now, the site costs me about $30 (USD) a month to operate - these costs will of course go up as the site continues to grow.

I have no intention of paywalling the site, harvesting data (at most, I may make a user registration system in the future - but only when necessary), or serving ads that track you across the Internet. I'm simply a software developer who made a funny website.

I'm not really one who does a whole lot of social media, but if you want to drop me some feedback, concerns, or ask what the hell En Passant is, please feel free to reach out to me via email at chess [at] mellen [dot] dev.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given this goofy little website even a moment of your time. I really do appreciate it.