v2.2.0 27th Jan 2024

  • Made various improvements to the backend to help perform better under high load - please let me know if anything explodes!
  • Improved a soft lock where ChatGPT forgets its game state, causing it to make the same 2 moves over and over again
  • Added a "copy game link" button to the game loss/win screen, so you no longer need to visit your game history

v2.1.0 17th May 2023

  • Added game replays - check your user history to watch back any of your complete games, or check out the "recent games" on the homepage!
  • Ironed out a few backend issues that were causing some responses to be slower than expected

v2.0.0 16th May 2023

  • Welcome to a brand new Chess vs. GPT!
  • Added user profiles - games are now stored on a per-user basis
  • Added user history - view your history against ChatGPT!
  • Revamped UI - things will improve over time, but hopefully things feel a lot smoother and easier to use!

v1.1.1 4th April 2023

  • Fixed an issue on certain mobile devices where the game just was not playable

v1.1.0 4th April 2023

  • Fixed a bug where ChatGPT gaslit the chess board in to thinking it captured a piece
  • Fixed multiple bugs where ChatGPT could cause the game to crash when taking over certain pieces
  • Fixed a bug where white could capture blacks' king
  • Fixed a bug where, when ChatGPT spawns in a new piece, the game may break unexpectedly
  • Removed the three-fold repetition rule (ChatGPT broke this repeatedly)
  • Added in a new modal when a game is won (or lost!)